Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm excellent, according to Textbroker

This morning I was excited to see that the admins at Textbroker finally got around to rating my first 17 submissions, and they all received a rating of 4: "excellent."  This means I'm eligible to try my hand at text orders where the clients pay me a cent and a half per word to provide them with excellence.  Lucky me!
Even though the money to be made through Textbroker is laughable at best, I've still been plugging away at my little 250 word reviews of dating websites, and SEO articles on such nonsensical subjects as 'elk hunting in New Mexico' and 'A Pirate's Guide to Yachting."  I know my time would be better spent building a portfolio of publically available writing, or applying to paid writing and blogging positions.  It's just comforting to have a venue where I'm guaranteed that I'll be making some money, in those moments when I get panicky about the impending cessation of my paycheck from Stonemark!

I have two projects tentatively lined up for post-Stonemark, so I'm looking forward to getting started on those soon.  Once those are set in stone I think I'll give myself a rest from writing $1.60 reviews of such illustrious sites as  More on those later!

Six days left of work before I can devote myself full time to writing!

Originally posted 10/18/2008 on my Wordpress blog

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