Monday, December 15, 2008

An eventful weekend

On the freelance writing front, I had an eventful weekend.  I got two job offers!  Both are for ongoing work.  One is a paid blogging gig for a real estate site, and the other is to do writing/researching/blogging work for an individual located here in TX.  Both are very part time, but it's really exciting for me to have ongoing projects!  I'm pumped to get started on both. 

I also applied to another paid blogging position over the weekend, that would pretty much be a dream job for me.  I don't have experience per se in the field but I'm confident I could rock this position.  I'm hoping they give me a chance to prove that I'm up to the job!  If I got this position, I would be pretty much set for ongoing work, with just a little time left over for a few queries and such.  So . . . fingers crossed!

Justin's home safe from survival, and we're closing on our Georgia house this week.  I'm feeling pretty on top of things.  I even have the whole downstairs of the house clean!  (Just don't ask about the upstairs . . .)


JR Moreau said...

Sweet job on the steady writing gigs!

Andrea said...

That's great!