Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free travel opportunity! What's not to love? (Oh right, the crippling diarrhea)

Hey, all you travel aficionados and good hearted volunteers: I've found the offer of a lifetime for you!

How's this grab you: this company wants to pay all your expenses for a seven day trip to Guatemala or Mexico. Instead of saving all your spare change for that volunteer opportunity or sightseeing trip, you can do it all on someone else's dime. So, you ask: where do I sign up?

Well, before I give you the link, there's just one tiny, itsy-bitsy little detail that I should mention (because there's no such thing as a free lunch- or vacation- right?): you'd have to be a guinea pig for a new experimental traveler's diarrhea vaccine.

I'm guessing, since they're putting all this money into shipping you to another country and paying for your vacay, that only drinking bottled water and then happily proclaiming you had no diarrhea at the follow up appointment (which is what I would do) is not ok. So, as long as you don't mind purposefully exposing yourself to germs that can cause debilitating diarrhea, in the hopes that their vaccine works (or that you aren't one of the 50% who were given a placebo), plus the potential for side effects from a new drug that is still in development, then you are in for a lovely free vacation!

Have fun, and don't forget the baby wipes!

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Sarah said...

That is messed up!