Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gone to Georgia in my mind

Somehow I have managed to idealize our future life and home in Georgia to the point that it has become a utopia in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I am still enjoying San Antonio, and I'm very sad to be leaving behind the people I've gotten to know and love here. But I've somehow convinced myself that writing-wise, everything is going to be perfect once we finish the move.

I've done some research and discovered there are two independent coffee houses with 2 miles of our little Georgian townhome. I've now convinced myself that I will wake up each morning, sling my laptop into a backpack, and bike to the local coffee hole for several hours of productive, caffeine fueled writing and networking with the locals (what makes this strange is that I don't own a bike. Also, don't really drink coffee). I'm also all fired up about finding a local writer's group to join there, and finally being able to concentrate on marketing my services locally (time spent on marketing myself to San Antonio clients seems wasted when I'll be out of here in 2 months). And finally, I have huge, ambitious plans for the uber-awesome office I will create as my workspace once we've settled in (again, feels pointless to invest energy in perfecting my workspace here since I'll just have to pack it up soon).

I do realize, of course, that things won't be all gumdrops and rainbows after the move. Still, it's nice to have something to look forward to. This will be my fifth move since graduating from college three years ago (and the third major move), and I still love the feeling of promise and new beginnings that I get with each impending change. Since we're going to be in Warner Robins for a loooooong time, however, I have to start working on appreciating continuity!


JR Moreau said...

The coffee shops sound really great to me. Honestly, if you can just establish your routine and start associating your surroundings with things that make you happy and creative, you'll be fine. Obviously nowhere is perfect, but there are perfect moments every so often.

Andrea said...

I'm so jealous! Not that I would relish having to pack all my crap and move it across the country, but the idea of being able to start with a clean slate (or office) and discover everything in the area sounds exciting. I'm sure it won't be perfect, but I think it's much better to go into it with the great attitude you have.