Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Short and random update post

It's late and I need to get some sleep, so this will hopefully be just a brief update.

-I packaged up my second query letter today and I'm set to send it out tomorrow.  I called the offices today and was told it would be better to send it 'snail mail' rather than via email.  I actually like the idea of printing my letter out on nice paper and signing it, rather than clicking a button to send electronically.  The magazine is based out of Austin so mailing it shouldn't cause too much of a delay.  My worry with this (and my other query) is that both are Tex-centric, and I'm only in Texas another 2 months.  I could easily write both these articles now, but it may be 6-8 weeks before I even hear back from these publications on whether they are interested or not!  I don't want to get the go-ahead on a San Antonio or Texas-centered article as I am packing to leave the state!  I guess I could go ahead and do the leg work (interviews and such) now, in the hopes I get a positive response.  I have no idea whether either magazine will bite on my pitches.  Other writers, any thoughts or advice on my timing issue?

-I was pleasantly surprised to be invited out to dinner tonight with all my old coworkers.  My former regional was in town for the evening and she suggested that I and another girl who'd recently quit at a sister property get invited.  It felt absolutely great to get to see everyone.  I feel blessed to have worked with such great people, and for them to continue to care about my comings-and-goings after I'm gone!

-I am feeling really bad about an interaction I had with both my parents tonight.  I already posted about it on my other blog.  I hate feeling like I've hurt or let down my family in any way.

-Justin is finally done with the land survival and resistance training portions of his TDY (all the hard stuff).  I'm so ridiculously relieved that it's all over for him.  Can't wait for him to get home on Saturday.  I want him to be greeted at the door with a winter wonderland of Christmas decorations, so I have a ton of work to do before the weekend! (If he walked in right now, he'd be treated to a 'wonderland' of dirty dishes and scrapbooking supplies and wrapping paper scattered evvvvvverywhere).

-Oh, and tomorrow (actually, today, since it's past midnight!) is my wonderful husband's birthday.  He's spending it away from home , having just endured some terrible stuff, all in the name of sacrifice for serving his country- so if you've gotten to the bottom of this post, would you mind leaving a comment wishing Justin a very happy birthday?  Doesn't matter if you know him (or me for that matter!) or not- I just think it'd be nice to show him a big list of birthday wishes when he gets home :)

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JR Moreau said...

Happy Birthday Justin! Keep up the good work!