Thursday, December 11, 2008

I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner!

Hey do you know what would have been a totally awesome thing for me to do while I was living here in San Antonio? Work at Sea World, of course!

I can't believe I am just realizing this now. I found this ad today on Craigslist, and now I am totally smacking myself in the forehead for not having come up with this myself. How cool would it have been to swim around with dolphins all day and get paid for it? I think I could have had this job in the bag, too:

* Must have high school diploma or equivalent. (CHECK- and then some!)
* Must display athletic prowess and strong swimming skills demonstrated by passing swim test. (Well . . . I can swim!)
* Must show proof of SCUBA certification. (How hard could that be to pick up, right?)
* Must pass dive physical and drug test. (Definitely don't do drugs)
* Must complete a background check. (I'm a PK and married to the military. I couldn't have a record if I tried. As long as occasionally overindulging in Bailey's and wearing things on your head isn't a crime, I'm golden)
* College background in psychology, zoology or biology is a plus. (Double majored in English/Psychology, so I could perform psychoanalysis AND literary analysis if so needed for all the swimmy beings)
* Experience working with animals is a plus. (Hi, I have two dogs and five cats. I've witnessed the horror that is a rottweiler giving birth [while attacking me, good on her for double tasking] and I've nursed kittens [from a BOTTLE], so that practically qualifies me as a sea mammal expert, right?}

All the job description stuff sounds easy too. Follow directions, feed gigantic sea mammals, be safe, don't lose stuff, blah blah blah. I could easily do all that stuff. Even "adhering to Sea World grooming policy." How hard could that be? Everyone there probably smells like dead fish!

Too bad I didn't think of this earlier. It would have been really cool to say I spent my year in San Antonio in a scuba suit, giving dolphins their vitamins. Guess I'll just have to get to work searching out something fun and offbeat to do in Warner Robins next spring, in case the writing doesn't pan out!

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JR Moreau said...

I think you should practice your "Finding Nemo" whale talk before you go on this interview. Good luck!