Sunday, November 23, 2008

Current Direction and the Advent of Polls

I've decided that until I start winning freelancing projects, I'm going to try and focus on my pet writing project, which is planned to be an all-inclusive guide to renting.  I know this probably sounds *very* boring to some people, but the fact is that as a property management professional, I saw and heard stories about good people getting burned, time and again, because they didn't have the knowledge or experience to know some of the very basics of what to look for in an apartment, how to act, procedures for moving out, etc etc.  I could go on forever about this topic.  I could write a book on it.  And, that's what I'm hoping to do.  I'd like to take my experience as both a renter, and a property management professional, supplemented by a boatload of research, and write the definitive manual on how to avoid all the pitfalls and get the best experience out of renting an apartment.  I've done some preliminary research into what's out there and I think there's actually a niche waiting to be filled by this book. 

Will I be able to find a publisher?  Will I end up having to self publish?  Will anyone be remotely interested in purchasing this book?  These are all good questions for which I have no answer.  I'm just going to write it anyways. 

Anyhow, in order to guide portions of my writing I am going to attempt to put polls on my site, so I can gauge certain attitudes, opinions and experiences.  As a psychology major I don't have any illusions that the sample size, or sampling methods of these polls will make for statistically valid results.  Hopefully, though, they will give me a general idea of public opinion and that can help guide my writing.  So, please, take my polls.  I know I don't have a real heavy stream of traffic to this site yet, but every vote will be a big help from me.  I appreciate it if you take a second to help me out!

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