Friday, November 21, 2008

Random items regarding my writing career

I started this blog over at Wordpress, originally, with the idea that it would primarily serve as a way of updating my friends and family on what's going on with my quest to be a successful freelancer.  I've since decided that that alone would make a pretty boring blog, so I've branched out.  However, I thought I would take the opportunity to stick a few updates in here, since I haven't really done so in a while:

-I got my writing star back at Helium!  I had it, blogged excitedly about it, and then lost it 24 hours later.  That was like, 2 weeks ago.  It's finally back.  Hopefully I can keep it throught the 25th of this month, cause if you've got a writing star at that point, you're eligible for revenue sharing and upfront payments on your articles for that month.  And at this point, I'm grateful for every couple of bucks that gets thrown my way.

-Speaking of which, I'm trying out a new service called LinkBee- the concept of which is this:  You type a link into your account and they give you a corresponding LinkBee link, which also includes a small advertisement.  Then you get paid an infinitesimal amount of money on each person who clicks on a link that you share.  So, please don't hate me if you click on one of my links and a little ad pops up as a banner on the site or as an advertisement that you have to 'click through' to get to the source.  I'm trying to do what I can for income here- most of the writing I am currently doing, I'm doing for free, and I've got seven animals to feed, you know?  If you want to try the service out yourself, click here- it's free!

-Otherwise, I'm just plugging away at writing articles for submissions, blogging, bidding, and trying to hustle the next big gig.  For any of you reading this who'd like to try the full time freelancing think like I'm doing, don't be fooled into thinking it's easy.  If I find any fool proof tips or excellent sources, though, I'll be sure to share here!

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JR Moreau said...

Keep at it. Hard, honest work pays dividends in the long run. Plus great inspiration will come too :-)