Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging 2

I almost forgot about weekend cat blogging!  This week, I briefly entertained the idea that I could just use my previous post about camoflaged animals as my WCB post.  But I decided that was really lazy for someone who probably has a thousand pictures of her cats stored in her computer.

This week, I decided to feature a few pictures of inter-species cuddling.  The normal mode of operation in our house is for the dogs to ignore the cats, and vice versa, except for one of the cats taking an occasional lazy swing at a dog to see what will happen.  Every once and a while, though, I'll catch a tender moment between a dog and a cat, and when I see it I always have to run for my camera. 

First up is an older picture.  This one was taken last year of Pinot, possibly the world's most laid back cat, and Princess (My sister named her when she was nine years old, ok, so don't judge me!):
It's sort of funny to look at this picture because Pinot's a lot bigger and fluffier now.  This was taken probably only a month or two after we had adopted him and Ranger.  My second inter-species cuddle picture was taken this past week, this time featuring Princess and our newest kitty, Eddie:
I find this one funny because it's less of a cuddling picture than a picture of two animals, both of whom feel that the bed is rightfully theirs, tolerating each other's presence.  Barely. 

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Sammawow said...

Both of those pictures are so cute! You're right - in the second one they do look like they each own the bed. When I was younger we had a poodle and a ginger tabby cat and I loved getting pictures of them together too!