Thursday, November 13, 2008

My first #1 Google Spot!

Let me just start by saying, when you are starting out, the little things are very exciting.

Getting hits in the double digits in one day on my blog- very exciting!  For someone with an established blog or lots of experience, my hit counter probably looks dismal.  But for me, right now, it's huge.

Or how about my earnings from Google Adsense on my Hubpages account?  In about 3 weeks, I've made just over a dollar.  Not even a third world laborer would get excited about that return.  But when I see that dollar, it stands for all the future dollars that I could potentially make, if I keep working hard at posting hubs and driving traffic to them.  That is an EXCITING dollar for me.

Today, I hit a really big landmark- one that might be considered big even if you aren't an overly excited newbie!

Go open up Google and type in "military pumpkins."  Go on, open it in another tab and try it.  What page comes up first?  Unless I've been usurped since my writing this, the answer should be MY BLOG!  Yup, my most recent post on my blog is, apparently, the number one choice for anyone searching for military pumpkins.  This is the coolest thing to happen to me since, I don't know . . . the last cool thing that happened to me.  (Oh, and while you're on that other tab, go ahead and click on the link for my blog . . . with your help maybe one of these days I could even get triple digit hits, and then I'll probably just pass out from delirious happiness).

Granted, if you pull back from all the excitement I'm currently feeling and really think about it, it's not quite so huge.  How many people out there are doing Google searches for "military pumpkins?"  I can't imagine there are many.  Still, at least one internet user out there was jonesing for an armed forces-themed gourd today, and I'm proud to have been the first suggestion Google made to them.

{Originally published on October 27th, 2008 at my Wordpress blog}

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