Thursday, November 13, 2008

Five more work days to total freelancer-hood

Today, three hours to closing time, I started coming down with a killer migraine.  I get these rarely but when I do, it's not pretty.  It starts out with visual disturbance- I lost my peripheral vision, and everywhere I looked there I saw a shimmery gleam that distorted my vision and disoriented me.  Naturally, of course, my office, which had been dead for the first four hours of the day, became a hustling center of activity as soon as I started feeling bad.  Here I was, not even sure if I'd be able to drive myself home from work, and I had to process a complete move in, from the initial prospect visit to the signing of the lease and the handing over of the keys, in the period of an hour.  Still, the headache passed without as much pain and hassle as I anticipated.

Five more days before I can throw myself into writing full-time.  I'm very excited.  I've been coming home from work and spending nearly all my free time prior to bed working on various writing projects and explorations.  I think my husband is starting to feel a little neglected!

{Originally published OCt 19th, 2008 at my Wordpress blog}

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