Thursday, November 13, 2008

Decorating ideas for the new house

Found this on a blog that I found through a blog that I found through a blog:

Wall art for cheap

I think this is pretty damn cool. Think I could hire this guy to do the walls in my new home in GA?

On an unrelated note, I had no idea how dependent I was on my laptop until I let Justin take it to GA. Yeah, I've got his desktop to work on. But all my documents and pictures and internet favorites are saved on my dependable little Dell. I've got half a dozen tasks and projects I'm putting off for his return because they all involve stuff that's saved there. Also, I've watched almost zero TV this week because if I can't have my work in front of me, to at least be doing busy work or blog scanning, or something, then it feels like a waste of time! I'm really looking forward to having the freedom of a laptop back come Sunday (oh . . . and my husband too ;) )

{Originally published on November 8th, 2008}

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