Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Christmas List

My birthday is two weeks before my husband's, which is two weeks before Christmas. So every year, at the beginning of November, my mom starts bugging me to send her a list of what we want for the holidays in question. I always promise to do so, and very rarely follow through.

This year, I'm trying to make up for all those falsely promised wishlists by providing one complete with links for easy shopping! And since blogging is my newest obsession, I thought I'd incorporate it into a post.

This list is not all inclusive. Links to clothing will be added later, I haven't had the time to compile a list of our current fashion interests and mom is itching to shop.

NOTE TO ALL: This post is primarily aimed at my mom, since I am not expecting any other random blog readers to go out and buy me presents. Nevertheless, you're more than welcome to read my list, and if you've made an online list like mine, share it in the comments section. I'll enjoy seeing what other people are asking for this year (and maybe 'borrowing' some of your ideas!)

Sarah's Wishlist

Amazon store containing most of my picks {unless another link is listed, most items can be found here}

-A good hair-straightener (the year I asked for both a hair straightener and a curling iron, Mom had the brilliant idea to get me a combo curler/straightener, which was quite resourceful of her, except for the fact that the thing doesn't do either well at all)
-Book/DVD on DIY tiling (grandiose plans for Georgia dollhouse include tiling a backsplash in the kitchen once the hideous wallpaper's been removed. And since I'm cheap, and have illusions of myself as a handy-woman-future-house-flipper, I want to do it myself).
-Home Depot gift card (to be applied towards one of a few things: previously mentioned tiling supplies, hardware and wall treatments to modernize GA bathroom, lawnmower. This would be a good gift for Justin too)
-York peppermint patties in my stocking, mmmmmmm!
-Scrapbooking design books (you can see a good one in the Amazon store, also, I added some 'scrapbooking murder mystery books' that popped up as similar items, cause I love a good murder mystery)
-Subscription to Paperclipping ( I love Noelle's free tutorials and I think having a premium membership for 6 months would teach me a lot about my new scrapbooking hobby!
-I think these mini-cupcake soaps from Serah's Soap are absolutely adorable and would make great stocking stuffers. I am envisioning a minature cake stand displaying a group of mini cupcake soaps on the bathroom counter in GA. Of course, I will have to theme my bathroom decor around this . . .
-various scrapbooking items. Haven't got specifics on this one yet (once again I'm up past 2 AM typing out a blog post when I should be sleeping, so I'll fill in the details later).
-iPod Shuffle (I know Justin bought me a big fancy iPod for Xmas a year or two ago, which was really sweet and awesome of him, but really, all I want is one of the tiny, simple ones that clip on and go. I feel really uncomfortable wearing a $250 piece of electronics while I'm bobbing up and down and sweating on the treadmill. Also Justin has kinda taken over the thing, and has possibly broken it)


Justin's Amazon Store

-Shirts- particularly polos in soft cotton, like from Land's End- I'll fill in more details on this later too (you know how he can be picky)
-GPS navigation system for the Explorer (ironic request from a fully trained Air Force NAVIGATOR, if you ask me!)
-Nips for his stocking.
-Gillette disposable triple razor blades (stocking)
-The FURMINATOR!! This will revolutionize our life, we just know it.
-Pedi-paws. See above comment.
-Book about making your own beer (Very hesitant to add this to his list and encourage thoughts in this direction, as I remember Dad nearly blew up the rectory when I was just a toddler with his own home brewing efforts)
-Tropic Thunder DVD
-Good racquetball racket

Also, Mom, Justin requests haircuts for the dogs (I believe this request was actually meant to be a pointed hint to me to get the dogs groomed), one less cat (he says you can take your pick, except Pinot), and for you to pay the invoice he submitted for the floors (more on this later for random readers wondering what the heck I'm referring to). : )

To my mom: happy shopping! I told you I'd get this up before I went to bed- just don't expect me to be up and functional before noon tomorrow.

To everyone else: Have you created any online wishlists of your own? I'd love to peruse them. Leave me the link!


Lisa @ Serah's said...

Thanks for adding my cupcake soaps! People ask me for a list all the time too and I'm so bad at submitting one because I usually don't want much and what I do want costs so much and takes years to get. haha

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