Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I believe that {this blog} should revolve around me

This is a self-centered blog.  Its theme is me.  That's not a very simple, unifying theme, as any person who has experience with being, well, a person, can understand.  Initially my purposes for this blog are to chronicle my experiences and landmark moments as I pursue a writing career.  But I'm not going to stop myself from spilling over into other subjects here.

My thoughts on this blog are these:
When unpacking after a move (and as a military wife . . . I know unpacking) it's pleasurable to sort, to organize, to put things in their appropriate places and treasure the fleeting belief that this time, you're going to keep things that way.  As you make your way through box after box, you begin to amass a collection of little things that just don't seem to fit in any of your carefully arranged piles.  This hodgepodge arrangement holds value- you don't want to throw this stuff away- but if you try to stick any of it, say, on your coffee table, or on your shoe tree, or in your kitchen cabinets, it's just going to look out of place and give you away for the slightly disorganized person you don't want to admit to being.  So, you start a 'miscellaneous box' (or two, or three . . . )

Well, this blog is my writing equivalent of the miscellanous box.  It's the stuff I want to say or write that I can't fit neatly into my other writing venues.  So, forgive me for the vanity of a blog that revolves around the thoughts, wants, doings, and musings of yours truly.

 Originally posted 10/18/2008 on my Wordpress blog

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