Thursday, November 13, 2008

Preparing for a Handmade Christmas

One of my first paid writing gigs is going to be polishing and producing all the text on a very talented jewelry artisan's Etsy page.

She also happens to be my Mom.  But I'm not going to let that little detail take away any of my excitement over this paid writing assignment!

So, in preparation for the assignment, I was surfing around Etsy the other day, researching what elements and information other successful artists include in their profiles.  And, I fell in love with the concept of Etsy.  I love handmade stuff!

Now I'm starting to think about the possibility of using Etsy for as many Christmas presents as possible this year.  I love Christmas (see: my blog ID) and thinking about Christmas (although recently, I've been mostly thinking about how we're possibly going to pay for Christmas since I am quitting my full time job!).  And, I love the idea of supporting independent artisans- much like I've got my fingers crossed that there are multiple people out there willing to support ME as an independent word artisan, so to speak.

In about a week or so, go check out my mom on Etsy:  At that point, the site should be featuring my writing and editing.  And while you're there, buy a bead. : )

{Originally published Oct 19th, 2008 on my Wordpress blog}

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