Thursday, November 13, 2008

New content posted

I've just posted new content in two places: Associated Content and Hubpages. On Associated Content, though, it probably won't show up as published for a week or so. To be honest, the content is the same on both sites (I published as non-exclusive on AC and then re-published, a little fancied up, on Hubpages. I've started doing this after a suggestion I read by another hubber).

Here's where you can check out my new hub: Fabulous New Hub on Renting Vs. Buying

Do you want to know my secret goal right now (except maybe not-so-secret, since I'm blogging about it . . .)?

I want to publish a series of articles on issues related to various aspects of renting. I'm not going to flatter myself at this point to say that I could establish myself as an "expert": but I'd like to make a name for myself online as someone who at least knows, more or less, what they are talking about when it comes to renting and property management.

Phase 2 of my secret/not-so-secret plan is to write a guide for the first time renter. I've already started working on it, actually- started before I had even entertained thoughts of quitting my job and writing full time. I stopped working on it for a while, thinking that chances of it ever getting picked up for publication were slim-to-none, and I had to concentrate on projects with a guaranteed paycheck (and you see how well that worked out for me: eight hours unpaid work). But I've done some research, and now I'm energized to get back to work on it, because my next planned step is:

Phase 3: Self-publish the guide as an e-book, and link to the place it can be purchased from my profiles in each place that I've {attempted} to establish myself as someone who's pretty plugged in to the ins, outs, and issues of renting.

So yeah, that's my new direction I'm charting my course towards. Plus, of course, continuing to update the blogs, work diligently on Rentwiki assignments, enjoy my newfound Twitter addiction, submit articles and rate at Helium, seek out new freelancing opportunities, and try to be a good, non-neglectful wife and animal mommy.

{Originally published November 8th, 2008 at my Wordpress blog}

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